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oh no what if Bina gets back and nobody's even noticed she's gone

that's kind of where I'm expecting this to go at the moment and that would be

pretty awful

D': Yeah that would be pretty horrible and not totally unexpected.

No! They have to have noticed I'm gone now. They just didn't right away and then I was too far and they couldn't find me! I bet they're super worried!

>please be open please be open

Come on! Come on! This has to work! I duck and dodge through the traffic on the side-walk, people heading home, sightseers, vendors shutting down or locking up.

Two blocks right? He said two blocks.


I see the Western Union.

It's going to be ok.

I'll get there, and they'll just be closing up but there will still be someone there, a woman named Sunita Vidwans who will be suspicious of a dishevelled looking twelve year old with foreign money, but after some questions ("Did you steal this?" "What!?") she'll change my dollars into rupees and then I'll get a cab and I'll go back to Uncle Moti's house and Mom and Dad will be so glad to see me that Mom will pick me up and spin me around like she used to when I was little and-


This isn't right.