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I'm on a busy street. When I see a guy packing up a food stall I ask him whether or not he knows where there's one of those places where you can change money.

I'm mad, so I don't even have time to be nervous.

He seems confused. "Change money into what?"

Change money from one kind into another!

"There are other kinds of money?"

Money from OTHER COUNTRIES! Duh!

"Oooh, you mean like a currency exchange?"

I'm not sure if that's what I'm looking for, but I nod anyway. It sounds about right. I have some currency and I'd like to exchange it for other currency. Currency exchange. Makes sense.

He rubs the back of his head and tells me that he thinks there's one two blocks over that way, beside the Western Union. But it's getting late so maybe its closed alre-

I yell a thank you over my shoulder, and I'm off running.