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"I like this idea!" says Amie, as they near the end of their walk back to the truck, and the bomb, and the rest of their supplies. The streets are dark and deserted. Whatever the Phenomenology people are doing, it is, at least, keeping most people out of the area.

"Of course you do," says Kendra. "That's not the question. What do you think Emmie? We kind of need everyone to buy into this. We already agreed on the old plan, and this is a pretty big change."

"I don't… I don't know!" says Emmie, finally. "I mean - I honestly have no idea how… to… respond… to this one."

"I completely lack the knowledge necessary to make this kind of decision. Does - I mean - does anyone have the ability to make this decision? I'm trying to imagine which collection of degrees would be necessary to figure out whether this is a good idea and I'm kinda drawing a blank here!"

"I know," says Bina. "It's a lot, but we should do it."