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"So that's all I need?" Amie had asked before they left. "Really? I was expecting it to, you know, have lights and dials and… stuff."

"Nope," said Kendra, holding up the tiny magnet. "No lights and dials. Just a magnet. Put this on the coil and it should pull the trajectory off just enough to make the portal go from past to the future."

"So I just… stick it on?" Amie asked.

"Yeah it'll stick right to it - but, Amie. You have to get past Gregor to get to the machine. That's not going to be easy. You two are treating this very casually. I think we should all go."

"We'll be fine!" Amie had said, breezily. "You two need to get the supplies and - I mean - we've already done it, right? It'll be easy."

Kendra had visibly winced.