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"What the hell are you doing down here?" yells Melissa, over the noise of the generators. "There's no power going upstairs!"

"Ah," they hear Gregor rumble in English, "I am sorry. I am not speaking very good French I -"

"I asked!" says Melissa. "Why the heck the power is off! What is going on?"

Oh daaang, she thinks he's trying to fix the power. That explains why she stuck around.

"Is broken," says Gregor.

"I can see that!" says Melissa, and you can tell she's not having a great day. Of course, her day is about to get considerably worse.

"Am try to fix," says Gregor.

"Well what's the hold-up? This is a hospital! The whole point of having all these generators is so that this kind of shit doesn't happen! We have an ICU running on flipping batteries."

"Yes," comes the reply. "Is very unfortunate."

"It's more than unfortunate! If we don't get things working soon people are going to start dying."

"Ah no," says Gregor. "Nobody dies. I have figured out problem. It is wires not connected properly to generator."

"Hey - wait a second - who even are you. You're not Lenny the regular guy. Who called you?"

A pause as information previously mentioned is considered. "Holy shit! Are you the Russian human-trafficking guy?"

"Oh dear," mutters Emmie in Amie's ear. "He's coming this way."