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"Why is this so hard?" asks Emmie, in a tone of voice that Amie considers pretty close to a whine.

"I thought you worked at this hospital!" says Amie. "How can we be lost?"

"Yes," says Emmie, clearly trying not to sound frustrated. "I work in the hospital, not in the maintenance tunnels. I told you, I don't come down here very often - and I never come down here via teleportation before, I'm all turned around."

"Well un-turn yourself," says Amie. "We really don't want to run into Kendra's sister!"

"I know that," says Emmie. "Let me just… try to figure this out."

"Well do it fast," says Amie, checking her third watch. "We only have like twelve minutes before Gregor's supposed to open the portal and…"

"… it's spooky down here."