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Let Piyotr lead the way. Dogs have uncanny homing instinct! [size=10]… don't they?[/size]

>Use arm as flashlight

I can't do either of these things! They're not real. Or they weren't real. Not yet at least. Or not real in the way that makes them useful.

I didn't, so I don't.

I walk, fast at first, but my heel is really starting to hurt by this point. I really like my shoes, and they're fine for regular walking around, but right now I wish they were my sneakers or my boots, or maybe that I'd warn socks as well as my tights, but I didn't.

So, blisters.

I have to slow down again.

After about a million years, I find the school.

Later, I learned that it was actually a different school then the one I'd passed before. There are three of them in this area, but I didn't know now.

It's all dark. The sun is over the hill now and all the shadows are becoming one big shadow.

I follow the wall around the edge to the gate, but it's closed and locked.

I start breathing really fast.

Oh crap. Oooh crap.



My apologies to anyone who speaks telugu, I am sure my penmanship is terrible.