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"It's taking a while," says Kendra.

"Yep," says Bina.

"She's probably trying to convince Amie that I am literally the devil," says Three.

"Should we… watch a movie?" asks Emmie.

"No," says Bina. "Too much unlight around here. It wouldn't be safe."

"Come sit down at least," says Emmie, to Amie. "Dancing around like that isn't helping."

"I'm just - I want her to be OK," says Amie. "This is super weird! It's just a conversation, why am I worried about her? Meeting your time clone is super weird!"

"Yep," say both Bina's in the room, at the exact same time, in the exact same way.

Emmie glares at them, then tells Amie. "Come sit down."

Eventually, she does.