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"OK," says Amie, after hearing a broad summary of what is going on. "Are you screwing with me? 'Cause if you're screwing with me-"

"I'm not screwing with you," says Bina, taking a drink of water. She'd had to talk pretty fast.

"I know you're sick of me talking about Doctor Who all the time, but really this a little bit much I-"

Amie> Is this some kind of weird intervention? I can stop watching Doctor Who anytime I want to, you know.

"I'm not screwing with you," says Bina again. "I can prove it. Amie! Get out here!"


The door to Amie's bedroom opens.

"Heyyy!" says a slightly older Amie.

"This is weird!" says older Amie, staring at her own face frozen in a mask of shocked surprise. "It's weird, right? It's weird!"

"Hoooo boy," says the slightly younger Amie, sound like she'd just been kicked in the chest.