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Bina is tired and kind of fuzzy. She was held up at work and she's out of clean clothes. She decided to come to this laundromat because it's supposed to be open all night, but the lights are off.

What gives?

Bina: Inspect filthy laundry.

Bina bends down to get a better look at her laundry. It's not filthy, she DOES change her clothes. It's just been really hot this week, and her friend who was totally supposed to come on for third shift DIDN'T, so she had to work a double-shift. It's now 2:00 in the morning and she's got no clothes for tomorrow.

Unseen Umpire:
Realize that today is a holiday

What? No. That doesn't make sense. If it was a holiday, Bina wouldn't have been working.

Peer through window.

Hmmm… Bina can't see anyone inside, but there is a flickering light that she hadn't noticed before. It looks like maybe someone is watching TV.

Is the door unlocked? Even if not, try knocking.

Bina isn't going to give up. If she doesn't get her laundry done tonight she'll have to wear one of her old outfits to class tomorrow.

She tries the door, which opens easily.

Maybe the late night staff turned off the lights? So it would… cut… down… on the glare? That doesn't make any sense.

She knocks on the door and calls out to whoever's inside that there's someone here who wants to wash their clothes and maybe they could, umm… like… turn on the lights or something? No big deal, just a little clothes washing. Err…

She's got quarters! Lots of them.


Bina realizes how silly she sounds just as she also realizes that she is getting no response.

The Laundromat is dark and quiet.