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"Uhh… are you two going to keep fighting?" asks Kendra. "Because we should probably go pretty much anywhere else."

"Huh?" asks Twelve, not listening.

"No," says Three, running a gloved hand down her face as though trying to scrub away the last few minutes. "No - I - we're done."

"For now," says Twelve.

"We should get out of here," says Amie, tentatively, unsure whether saying something might break the fragile peace. "There's still a naught."

"Yeah, yeah," says Three. "Help me up."

"Bina, let me help her-" says Kendra.

"I got it!" says Bina, struggling more than she'd like to admit.

"Yeesh, what happened to you?" asks Three, taking in Bina clearly for the first time.

"A lot," says Bina.

"Me too."