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"I knew you'd be here!" says Twelve, loud enough to be heard all the way down the alleyway.

Be 3. Or B3 be Three. Um…

"And I knew you knew I'd be here," says Three.

"Whaaaat is going on?" whispers Emmie.

"I seem to be having a competition in who can be more smug," sighs Bina. "Seeing your own behavior from the outside really makes you think."

Bina's not sure she's entirely in the right mind to deal with this right now. She's running on not enough sleep, not enough painkillers, and Twelve just made her run again.

She's not at the top of her game.


I caught up after about a week.
All NIght Laundry's pretty brilliant.
That's my considered opinion.
I've been reading forum adventures and quests for a while now. Read Superego, Fortuna, Waterworks, Prequel, most of the big ones that came off of MSPAFA. And I'd seen ANL on Omegaupdate and Eagle Time. And a little bit ago, I saw some person on a Homestuck discord reading it, and decided to go through it.
It's been a good ride.

Aah! Thanks ten11! And thank your friend on that Homestuck discord.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and I hope you stick around.