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"Did she head into the subway?"

"Not sure," says Bina. "I lost track of her."

"Me too," says Emmie.

"You mean I was the only one who saw where she went and I was being eaten by a naught!?" asks Amie, clearly a little proud of this fact. "She went this way, through the fence here."

There is a small gap, where the wire fence had been cut, and the tarp lacing had been undone.
"I don't see her anywhere," says Amie, stepping through the gap onto the sidewalk and looking around.

"Right - where would Twelve go?" asks Kendra. "It looks… late afternoon-ish?"

"Clock says 5:15," says Amie - pointing at an electric sign displaying the time.

"Not Twelve," says Emmie, voice still a little shakey. "Five. That's why she's here."

"Good idea!" says Kendra. "If Twelve is here for anything, it's to protect Five. Where would she be? Would she be in class by now?"

"No, all my classes finish early on Wednesdays. She'll be at work!" says Bina. "That's got to be it. I have a shift on Wednesday, early. If I didn't get involved in all this, I'd have just gone to school and about now, I'd be on my way to the restaurant!"

"Then that's where Twelve's headed."