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I'm Bina.


I live in Canada in a city called Saint John. Out my window you can see the ocean sometimes. If it's not raining.

>Where are you at right now, Bina?

I was there two days ago, but then Mom got a phone-call from Uncle Moti and now we're in Hyderabad even though its Wednesday and I'm missing my unit test in Geography.

Last time I was here I was eight.

The plane's expensive.

I guess.

>find a cute puppy

Oh! You saw her.

Not everyone does.

Her name is Piotyr. She's sorta my dog. She's in Hyderabad too.

Bina is a tween, so she's unlikely to do what you say. In fact, if you try to get her to do something she'll probably do the opposite, just to be contrary.

But she'll talk to you. She's pretty desperate for someone to talk to right now.


+1 reader caught up in time for dream sequence! Woot!

Yay! Thank you for reading.