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At this point, you might be a little confused. I know that I was when I was trying to make sense of this after the fact.

See - Ten needed paradox for her gadget, the one she planned on destroying the Botfly with. Not just any paradox either, the good stuff, the multidimensional kind.

Eleven needed the same stuff for her own gadget she was planning on trying to use on the naughts, having decided on a less ambitious project as Ten's attempt had already obviously failed.

She'd gone to Ten, because Ten never wrote down how she created the paradox to power her weapon. She never wrote it down, because Eleven arrived before she'd had a chance to make any, let alone write down instructions.

Goddam time travel - always messing things up!

Together, they'd hatched a plan to daisy-chain the multi-dimensional Moments together to bring both of them into Nine's loop, where they could create some kind of snarly interdimensional grandfather paradox that they could then safely weaponize.


I have the best ideas.


Aagh, I caught back up on a cliffhanger! At least now I can make suggestions again.

Also, I did some more fanart. I don't know if you saw it, Zach (you've mentioned or maybe implied seeing comments on old pages, but I don't know how that works), so just in case, here's most of it:

Aaah! These are so amazing! Thank you so much!

I do not often see comments on old pages, alas. I don't have the time to spend watching the moderation panel. Thank you so much for bringing these to my attention. They are marvelous!