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Bina shifts position. This angle is all wrong.

This would be WAY easier if it were her LEFT hand that were trapped.

Scraping noises. A hinge. The door to the basement being opened.

Bina tries to ignore it.

"Oh god. What is that?! Is that a mask!?"

Footsteps on the stairs.

She can do this. It's just metal. She can outsmart metal.

"Come on! Really? You're just trying to scare us! Stop it! Stop! Just stop it!"

This is really, VERY tricky. WHY couldn't these be the pink fluffy kind? THEY had a safety release button.

"Kid! Kid we have to go. We HAVE to g-"


Hallo everyone! Bit of an update on the retcon, which is taking a very long time to finish because I keep not drawing it!

It is a whopping twenty seven updates long, and I've managed to do… eleven of them.

I will get it done, but it's going to take a while, as I have to squeeze it in around regular updates. Thanks for being patient!