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Amie did OK, she missed one of her early jumps, but caught up with the third one. She found our naughts again, the two from Loop 13 that are somehow tracking us through time. Still no idea how they're doing that, but it turns out that when you're not trailing unlight everywhere like I always do, you can actually avoid naughts if you try.

It's not easy, but you can.

Provided you stay veeeery far away…

She saw them running and searching, and then turning around and going somewhere else, always frantic, always moving.

We can't tell if they're broken, or if they're just better at sensing unlight than the other naughts, and keep getting distracted as past-me's jump in and out of existence.

Regardless, after her sightseeing trip, Amie made it back all in one piece.

Kendra on the other hand… she missed her last jump and was late back. She had a good reason though.