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It works but it's jumping without a time machine. That means running, and hiding, and worrying you're about to vent a bunch of paradox through your own brains.

Honestly, I am mad they stuck me in this truck and made me wait here, alone, worrying about everyone -

- but also holy crap that stuff is so stressful and I'm also feeling guilty about the fact that I'm super glad I didn't have to do it this time!


Oh dear gods the binge is over. Two nights and one day of reading while in bed due to knee injury, doing nothing but reading this and napping. Now I'm thoroughly stuck in that painful state of having a whole new world to digest and theorize over, and glad my knees haven't suffered as much as Bina's.


Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. That sounds rough! I am glad that together, the people of this community and I were able to provide a bit of a distraction though.

Your theory crafting was delightful. I really hope you stick around and make suggestions.

I am so surprised to have caught up. Reader ++
Really enjoying this webcomic! And now I think I need to look into whatever Home Stuck is.

You too! Welcome to the PTP. With the downfall of Project Wonderful, I haven't really been advertising at all lately, so it's wild that new people are still finding their way here. : )

If you liked this story, and stuck it out all the way to the PTP, you can probably handle Homestuck. It's very weird, but very good.