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> Just unplug the thing.

Yeah! Yeah. It's probably just another one of those electrical things right? The TV turned back on, and didn't the light outside flicker a bit before? This is just doing the same thing.

Wow, that's really loud.

Heck, she opened it, it was on but the timer said it should be off right? The machine is just broken.

The wiring in this place is just super crappy. That's all.

Yeah. That's what's going on.

It's… hey, it stopped making the noise again.

Bina decides to just unplug the washing machine anyway. Just in case.

She hops over the puddle of black water.

Ok, well this is going to be kind of tricky. The plugs are down the back of the washing machines. Maybe she can get to it by just sliding it to the left a bit?

She kneels down, making sure not to kneel in any of the wet.

Man, these things are super heavy.

Well duh Bina, they're made of metal and full of WATER. Urghh…

>Creepy monster thing: Jump out of the top of the machine

OK. Starting to move.