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We obviously needed a way to disguise it, but it's big so our options were limited.

Emmie had the good idea of using a box-truck. It would fit, and we could use it as a sort of mobile base. We could throw some cots in it, so we could take a nap next to the huge reality destroying bomb, because this is my life now, and these are the ideas that sound like good ones to me.

As we'd be hauling it between times, we had to get the truck from the Moment - specifically from Seven's Moment, which took both a bit of explaining and a surprising amount of work.

Not the convincing, Seven seemed pretty easy going once she stopped punching me in the face and yelling at me. It was the actual getting the truck part that was huge mess.

We all went in thinking "Oh, this'll be easy. There's literally an entire world worth of box-trucks out there. No trouble! Take half an hour, tops, and that's if we don't get lucky and find one close by!"

Ha ha… no.

Things are always more complicated.