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Techno Gray:
You brought the naughts? Maybe you did have that punch coming.

I mean yes. Technically possibly yes.

I have no idea how they're following me, and I didn't intentionally bring them along - but like - yeah.


Are there more naughts than there were in Loop 3? Are you the source of naughts?

and does that mean you brought some naughts to loop 5? I hope you didn't leave them there!

I'm pretty sure they're following me, and yes - I am extremely concerned about Five. We didn't see any Naughts in Five's loop, but we were there for hours, so if they can follow us it… could… be bad. Have been bad. Still being bad?

I have no idea how to deal with this.

I - adfhmgkfm…

Gonna come back to this later.

Anyway - Seven was jacked.

I mean - I know that's off topic, but look! At! Them!!!

I need to do more weights. I'm not out of shape, but like - I asked her about it and she'd only been weight lifting for three months!

I can do three months of weights for arms like that!

What am I talking about?

Delete all of this. All of this is trash.

Why didn't I just use a laptop or something that allows editing? I mean - it would break, but still! The alternative is this! Stuck with this! I could have at least used pencil!

I guess I could cross it out, but like - then someone would be reading and thinking "Oooh! I wonder what's all crossed out!?" and then I'd go in with a microscope or something and I'd find it was just me talking about Seven's arms.

Leave it.

I'm leaving it. This is who I am people. I travel through time, can't really move faster than a walk, and I like ladies shoulders. Even when that lady is me!

(No but seriously, I think I can just tear this page out.)