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Well crud. Pick the lock as fast as you can and ABSCOND!

Yes! Yes!

That's the plan.

Bina adjusts her position. It's freezing down here. As she adjusts her position, the handcuffs clink against the metal of the pipe.

Kendra grabs her cuffed hand.

"Shh! There's someone upstairs."

Bina realizes that the creaking noises she's been hearing haven't entirely been caused by the building preparing to fall down.

Bina looks at Kendra, confused. Shouldn't they be calling for help!? The person upstairs might be able to -

Those are not the footsteps of a rescuer. Not even the footsteps of an innocent bystander.

The sounds upstairs are wrong.

Shuffling. No… not shuffling… dragging. Oh no. Did Gregor find someone else? Now? With the roof about to collapse!?