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Since we got here, I've been trying to figure out how this time-line happened, and more, how Six and the rest of the time-lines happened if this one goes the way it seems to be going.

If this is a time-line untouched by the Botfly, then doesn't it mean we won? Isn't this what victory looks like? And if that's the case, then how does the loop happen? How does the Botfly reset the day if she's not here?

I can't even tell if she isn't here. My sense of causality is all snarled up.

I peeked at my hand, to see if it was still glowing. I had this moment, just a second or so, where I wondered if we could just… stay? Like - what would be the logistics of being a duplicate? Could I tell Five about me, or would I just like… I dunno… take another name, try to build another life.

But when I looked, it was still glowing. Unchanged. Like that tickle in the back of your throat that you try to ignore, try to pretend is just dry air, but really you know is going to be a week of fever and antibiotics, but you just can't face it, so you pretend everything is fine. If that feeling had a color, it would be this.

Did I do this? Did Three, or maybe Four, when she brought the seizure meds?

Did my being here, whichever me it was, infect this time-line somehow?

I know that the Botfly can reach between time-lines, at least a little. She sent naughts after Amie and Four, and Gregor claims she somehow stands outside the loops - that the Green Lady remembers everything.

How much of what I'm doing is what she wants me to be doing?