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I didn't want to wait around, but Kendra vetoed the idea of using time travel to jump forwards.

I guess I kind of understand her position. This time-line feels… clean, but also strange. I feel exposed here, in a way I didn't feel even when I knew the naughts were hunting us.

We used some of the money from the Moment, and Emmie's ID, to get a room at one of the little boutique hotels nearby. It was old, without central air-conditioning, just window mounted units that looked like they were from the early 90's,but it was neat and clean, and they didn't ask questions. Amie did get a few weird looks for showing up dressed in a hazmat suit, but I explained we were going to a convention, and everyone decided we were just sci-fi weirdos.

We have about $200 000 in the duffel-bag, so we got one of the nice rooms.

Kendra ordered room service. I tried to stay up, but I fell asleep while Emmie was changing my bandages.

I woke up feeling more tired then I was when I went to sleep. We're running low on Moment pain-killers, and I'm seriously considering jumping into Four's moment and nicking some from a pharmacy. I doubt anyone would notice.