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"Five," says Kendra. "We need to leave the Moment there. If Five comes to pick it up, that's fine, if she doesn't, then Six will get it. If we go to Six first - and skip Five, then everything gets more confusing."

"Yeah, all right, that makes sense," says Bina. What even happened to Five? She really hopes it isn't them screwing things up somehow.

Even if it probably is.

"I understood all of that," says Emmie. "Which worries me a little."

"You're doing great Emmie," says Kendra.

"Hurrayyy…" says Emmie.

"Let's see if we can actually pull off an exit without the danged naughts showing up for once."

"Last time it was a military drone," says Amie. "I mean - when we jumped time-lines."

"Don't remind me," says Kendra.

"I'm just saying, it's not always naughts."

"Get us out of here Bina."

"Yes ma'am. Everyone grab on!"