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Emma Figueroa:
B4- Very awkwardly hug or wave at Kendra and Emmie, salute B13, and Do The Thing. No time for sappy goodbyes! We must go!

"You two!" says Four, turning to look at Emmie and Kendra. "I uh… I do not really know you, but you seem cool!"

"Same to you," says Kendra, a sad smile on her lips. "Good luck."

"Yeah," says Emmie, then he whispers to Kendra. "This is super weird right? It's super weird. It seems super weird to me."

"It's super weird," says Kendra, patting his shoulder.

"Hey, other-me?" says Four. "If this thing turns me inside out, you punch Three, square in the jaw, for me, all right? When you see her?"

"That I will do!" says Bina.