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"Okayyy," says Amie, and Bina is surprised to see her biting her lip. "Why does this feel like you're about to die or something?"

"'Cause I'm about to try untested temporal technology created by a version of myself that you all just told me may have tried to kill another version of myself," says Four. "So - you know… hugs!"

"Oh," says Amie.

"Don't worry! And don't lie anymore," says Four. "You're better than that, and also I will beat the shit out of you if you do it again. I mean - about anything serious. You can keep lying about eating all the yogurt. I won't mind."

"I actually won't do that," says Bina. "The kicking your ass thing. I mean - seriously, that's not OK."

"I'm not as nice as she is," says Four. "Months of isolation can do strange things to a person! Also, I was mostly joking. Mostly. Seriously don't though."

"I - OK, I won't!" says Amie. "No more lies for me."