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"Bloody time travel, right?"


"It's kind of weird, I don't regret being me," says Four. "I was lonely. Really lonely. But it wasn't all bad. If you get out of this, you need to read more books. Books are great, and not just the ones for school."

"Ah… OK."

"And get some house plants! I really wanted to plant a garden, but nothing grows in the Moment. That bugged me for, like, months. Still does! To be honest."

"I'll um - I'll give that a go, I guess."

"I left you a list, it's in one of my journals - Oh!" says Four. "Amie - the bag, I need -"

She pulls a black-jacketed journal from the bag, then flips through it. Finding her place, she grabs a selection of pages, and pulls them out.

"That's the bit after I met Amie," says Four. "It should be safe now. I have some good pasta recipes in that one, and - I guess - more importantly a lot of the encoding stuff for the map. It should be safe for Six and the others to read."