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"A lego?" asks Four, taking the tiny piece of plastic. "Thats… whimsical. I'm guessing it's not just a lego."

"It's a life-boat," says Bina. "At least, I think it is. The plan is to use it to save the people who died in the factory, and you - I mean me - I mean the other Bina's."

"Buuuut," says Amie, interjecting. "We haven't actually asked Three to make it yet. We still gotta do that whole thing."

"Of course you haven't," sighs Four. She rolls the tiny object between her fingers. "So… you don't know how it works?"

"Oh I think we both know how it works," says Bina.

"I'm going to have to step on this, aren't I?" says Four, her voice thick with despair.

"Yes, you're going to have to step on it."

"Bare feet?" she asks, already knowing the answer.

"Bare feet."


Hrm, I just thought it was that anything taken from the Moment remains in place when the Loop happens, and they had just used markers from the Moment so that the ink remained each loop.

Turns out, I flubbed yesterdays post. I was running off of an old idea I had where there were devices that caused certain things to persist between loops. There was one in the backpack, and one behind the wall.

BUT - problem is, I ditched that idea, about eight months ago, when I realized that a much better idea what that everything that comes from the Moment is extra-temporal. The markers they were writing with were from the Moment. The drugs and envelopes were from the Moment. It all works out better.

So… yeah, I retconned the last two days text to make things make more sense. Thank you everyone who pointed that out, especially you HousePet! You done good! :)