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"Are we good here," whispers Four, as she reaches the pavement of the alleyway.

"No, we come down this way in, like, two minutes!" whispers Kendra. Bina watches her carefully negotiate the last bend of the fire escape, trying not to make any noise that her previous self might have assumed was the missing Amie.

"You're also here," says Emmie to Four. "Like - the version of you walking to the laundromat with your clothes."

"Aaah crap," whispers Four. "We're that far back? I try not to go that far back…"

"We tend to run with all the safeties off," says Amie. "For better or for worse." Four looks at her and frowns. "Usually worse," she admits.

"Come on, lets just hoof it," says Kendra, tugging everyone down the alley towards the back of the building. "This way, we can get through the fence."