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>Open the envelope. Follow its instructions.

An excellent plan!

Right! Chained to a wall. No problem. She'll just bring the envelope to her other hand.

Ha! She bets that whoever made envelope has this situation all figured out. Right? Time travel. That's the point of time travel right?

You can give your past self useful stuff. Like, say, epilepsy mediation, or handcuff keys. Mind you, a letter last week that said, "Maybe don't leave your laundry for Wednesday night, do it Monday like you normally do." would probably have been better. "Also time travel is real and call the police, and the military, and like… everyone. Just call everyone and send them to the laundromat down the street." That would have been more effective.

But she's not going to turn down handcuff keys now.

Come oooon handcuff keys. She swears she's going to do the Zelda thing and hold them above her head. Duh nuh nuh nn-

"Oh god."

"What the heck is THAT!?"

Err? It's an envelope?

Oh course she doesn't manage to actually get that out of her mouth. What her mouth says instead is 'Pizza melon hope?' but Kendra can figure it out for herself. It's not that hard. I mean really. Hasn't she seen an envelope before?

Almost got it… open. Kendra! Stop tugging on the handcuffs! This is fiddly!


>Bina: Green
Good luck author

fuck you for me just watching that

But yes, I also look forward to jack-fractal's reaction to this.

Welp… Not sure if or how that could help Bina, but I'm more than a little uncomfortable now…

Yes. This is now Bina's Kryptonite. Sing it Bina!

Oh man.

Oh man oh man.


I'd… seen it before. Thank heavens. I think I'll just… not include that in my story if its all the same to you. I don't imagine that it's worth giving whatever creature dwells behind it more energy.