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"Really?" says Gregor.

"What?" asks Kendra.

"I have already seen the thing - whatever it was."

"No you didn't," says Kendra, trying direct denial to see if it works.

It does not.

As Amie and Emmie run around to Kendra, Bina bends down to where Four has fallen to her knees.

"Can't sit down now," whispers Bina, letting Kendra handle Gregor for a moment. "Come on, we have to be ready for the running and screaming again."

"But - three months," she says. "I spent three months on-"

"You have been recording that, right?"

"Yeah but-"

"Come on then!"

"But so many hours!!!"

Bina hauls herself to her feet, which she considers somewhat unfair, as she's the one with questionably functional knees.