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"OK - so what happens if we don't leave? Like - when the timer runs out." asks Amie, then crosses her arms defensively at all the looks the others give her. "I'm just asking…"

"Everyone gets a free renovation of the inside of their skull!" says Kendra, throwing her hands up in the air. "At best! If we're lucky!"

"Let's not do that," says Bina. "We also don't want another tower situation." She turns to her duplicate. "How long do we have?"

"I'm not sure," says Four. "I literally have never seen a map like this before. So, maybe soon-ish?"

"Not a problem we can just - waaaaait hold on… now I'm wondering why we time travel."

"Oh butts," says Kendra. "I thought we were going to leave this timeline from here!"

"Me too! Amie and Emmie… are you, by chance, watching for naughts?"

"Uuuh… nnnooo?"