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"Giant bug from space," says Bina, into the conversation.

"What?" asks Four, her confusion clear in her voice.

"Giant bug from space!" says Bina. "Feel this? It's raining! Temperature's dropping."

"OK, pack it up everyone!" says Kendra. "Let's go!"

"What's going on?" asks Four.

"Uhh… hey," says Amie. "Does this map run on unlight?"

"Yeah," says Four. "I mean - that's pretty obvious isn't it? Now, what is this about a bug from space?"

"I'm just saying," says Amie, ignoring her. "We were talking about cracks, right, and - well we usually don't shine unlight all over the place, because it's dangeous and attracts monsters and Russians, so I've never actually seen them doing this before but uh… look."

"What are you - Gah!"

As they watch, the cracks thicken and widen.