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"Is that Five?" asks Amie, pointing at the long stem-like piece of the map between the top most blob and the second.

"I think so," says Four.

"Have you done Five yet?" asks Bina. "I mean - have you gone into her loop?"

"Right! With the backpack!" says Amie. "And the seizure drugs and stuff. I meant to ask you about that but I kept getting distracted."

"Uhh… yeah?" says Four, not taking her eyes off the map. "I did that pretty early, but I didn't talk to her, if that's what you're asking. I wonder why her loop is so tiny. Maybe she just didn't time travel all that much?"

"Oh, really?" asks Bina. "When you were there, did you see anything else?"

"No, should I have?" asks Four. "I just went in and out, backpack and drugs, like Amie said."

"Now that's interesting."