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Matthew Helbers:
Someone: "Not to be that guy, but how is this helpful?"

"Look - not to be that guy," says Emmie. "But - I mean, how does this help us?"

"It shows all the time travel!" says Four. "Everything that creates an entropy sink across all the loops."

"I - OK, but how does that help us?"

"Uhh… I mean -" says Four. "I mean - it - I mean - you could - someone help me out here?"

"If we know where all the jumps are, and how they connect, we can use them again." says Kendra. "With this map, we get free time travel in all the other loops, provided we time things… correctly…"

"Right!" says Four. "That! I definitely had that in mind while I was making it."

But Kendra has stopped talking, and gone still.