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Take a stick and poke the liquid. Check the viscosity and all that.

> Reach deep into the muck. Maybe there's hidden treasure!

It looks kinda gross to be poking about in.

And it's clearly not viscous at all. It's just water with dirt in it. Really black dirt, like coal dust maybe, but just dirt.

And what wonderful prize could she possibly find? That big guy's underwear? What would he think of her if he came back with his dryer sheets and found her up to her elbows in his unmentionables?

> Close the lid gently. Back away. Hope the guy gets back soon.

>Close the laundry machine! Quickly!

> Close it back up; pretend like you didn't just do that.

Yeah. Best to pretend none of this happened.

> Maybe look around to see if there are any towels or rags that you can mop the spilled liquid up with.

Bina remembers that the guy used the swiffer thing to clean up… something. What WAS he cleaning with this anyways?

Bina goes over to get it and realizes that, of course, there's no little washy pad thing on it. She remembers noticing that while she was putting her washing in.

Ah well. That guy will have to clean it up himself when he comes back.

Hhhheuuuugh…. wow, she's dead tired.

Ha! You know? It's funny. She'd almost convinced herself that there'd be something horrible in that washing machine.

Funny huh?

She's just tired is all. Long day. Jumping at shadows.

Heh. Time for more cooki -

Suddenly there is a loud noise from within the washing machine.

A wet, sloshing, thud.

Bina freezes.

A noise repeats itself. Louder. The washing machine bucks under the impact, and dirty water sloshes onto the floor.