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"So how does this work?" asks Kendra.

"Well - I have the filter here under all the duds," says Four, pulling out a weird looking circular contraption from her backpack.

"We just need to attach it to all the antennas, and then align all the displays. Shouldn't take that long, though with five antenna and three support wires each, we'll have a bunch of pegs to put in the ground. Do you think we can fit pegs between the cobbles?"

"Do you have a hammer?" asks Kendra.

"I always have a hammer," says Four.

"So do I," says Bina. "We should be fine."


Hendrik Boom:
OK. I just caught up. I was stuck for ages in the 1400's and then just started ignoring the commentary. Will await more, day by day.

Hi Hendrik! I'm glad you caught up and I'm happy to hear you'll be sticking around!