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Bina stands up, ignoring the angry yells from her knees as she does so. A power outage could be innocuous. Maybe a transformer blew, or a freak lightning strike knocked out some other piece of important infrastructure.

It's also unusually empty here. It's under construction, but a park like this should have people in it, even at night. Right? Or could they have left because the lights are off…

Of course, it could also be evil alien bullshit. The Botfly has thrown a plane at her.

Should she move off, or should she stay. If this is a trap, then why hasn't it sprung yet? It's not like she's in any condition to run from naughts.

She should probably move off, at least a little, see if she can spot if there's anything weird going on.

She is just deciding on this plan when -

- a gaggle of time travelers falls from the sky.


The accurate collective noun for a group of time travelers is a 'mistake' or possibly a 'paradox'.