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>Bina's Knees: Why god. Why me?

With some considerable difficulty Bina manages to get herself to the steps of the monument and sits down very carefully.

Her butt hurts, and so do her knees from the landing. That's yet another one of the advantages that travel by Moment affords, no falling.

Dave Rapp:
>Bina: Now that you're alone, take a moment to catch your breath and self-assess.

Bina sighs, rubbing a hand down her face. All told, this trip could be going worse. They're all alive, and free, and nobody's exploded yet. Sure they lost Amie for a while and somehow the Botfly has sent naughts through time - but, so far, that's been manageable.

They can still do this - and hopefully Four's map will make the next trip less crazy. That and knowing about Amie's trinket.

Ugh… Amie.