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Chaz Wallace:
Is anyone in the group going to consider, they're not JUST on a jump, they're on a freaking superman leap over a city level jump.

"Wait - aren't we on a jump too?" asks Amie. "Do we even have a PTP in this time-line?"

"Kind of," says Bina.

"How do we kinda have a place in time we're supposed to be," says Amie. "That doesn't sound like a thing that gets to be hazy."

"Our temporal position is still at the same place it was when we jumped from the mountain. It's just we shifted sideways a little. We can't stop the jump without returning to our own time-line but we can reduce the tension a bit."

Amie thinks about that for a second.

"Oooh! OK, I think I get it. It's like a grid, right? We went left AND down."

"Yeah, actually," says Bina, trying not to sound surprised. "That's a good way of thinking about it."

"OK, so… how do we swing this?"