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"That was quick," says Bina, getting out of the taxi.

"Here you go," says Emmie as he hands the taxi driver a few bills. "Keep the change. Sorry for the short trip."

"A fare's a fare. You all have a good night now!" says the driver, as he pulls away.

"Where did you get money from?" asks Amie.

"He kept his wallet on him," says Kendra. "Through all this bullshit. Right?"

"No," says Amie, in disbelief.

"It's just been in my pocket," says Emmie. "I mean - is that so weird? I always keep it in my pocket, that way it doesn't get lost."

"I think it's adorable," says Kendra, who had Gregor steal her wallet before she even met Bina.

"Well, that's what I aim for," says Emmie. "If you have to wander around without really knowing what's going on, at least try to look good while you're doing it."