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"So, how is your night going?" asks the taxi driver.

"All right," says Kendra.

"Me? I am getting a little tired. Lot of driving. Good, but a long day."

"Long day," says Bina. "Yeah, same."

"Tell me about it," says Four.

"So where do you want to go?" asks the driver.

"You have a place picked out?" asks Bina, twisting around in her seat to look at Four.

"Err, no - I was going to scout some places later. It needs to be inside the Well to work so we don't have a lot of options…"

"Oh, and the Well is smaller here," says Amie. "Right?"

"What about the square across from Atwater?" asks Kendra. "That's big, and open, and nearby."

"You mean Cabot Square? Three blocks over?" asks the taxi driver.

"Would that work?" Bina asks Four.

"I guess," says Four. "At least there's good sight-lines."

"All right," says Kendra. "Cabot Square it is."


Cab drivers, in Montreal, are always interesting people.