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Liam White:
Have a really good idea, like maybe "have the medium pop us out a minute before we enter, give the moments to future selves without speaking, then go into B4's moment."

"Oh!" says Amie. "I know! We could have our future selves leave the moment a minute in the past, and then we could hand our moments to them without speaking to them and - "

"Or, we could use this!" says Emmie, pointing at a car pulling up beside them.

"A taxi," says Bina. "You called a taxi."

"A taxi van," says Emmie. "There are five of us."

"When did you call a taxi?"

"About ten minutes ago, about when I realized that this was going to be a problem."

Bina gives him a look.

"Hey, if we just wanna get out of here - which we do. Automobiles are pretty good at that. It's kind of what they're for. Not everything needs to be time travel Bina."

Bina thinks about it for a few seconds and gives in. "Sure, fine, OK. Four - where do you have to be to do your Map thing?"

"Somewhere with a lot of open space?" says Four.