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Liam White:
Someone: ask b13 if this theory is viable.

Kendra and Four explain Amie's horrible idea to Bina.

"Wow, that's bad," says Bina.

"Eeeyup," says Amie.

"So… do you think that's how Gregor's been getting around?" asks Emmie. "He certainly seems to keep popping up."

"I… guess it's possible," says Bina, still having a bit of trouble trying to parse the idea.

"I mean - we've been assuming that he was using the subway entrance to get in and out of the factory after the tunnel was destroyed, but we never saw him actually do that. If the Botfly knows where all the holes are…"

"She doesn't," says Four. "She can't, otherwise she'd have caught me. She'd have caught all of us."

"I don't think she's trying to do that," says Amie. "I mean - in ten loops? You've got good reflexes Bina, but ten loops - you have to have messed up at least once. Statistics are against you."