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"So, wait," says Amie. "Doesn't that mean that - like - if you were standing there when a hole happened you'd fall through to the same place?"

"Well, yes?" says Four. "But you'd be there when whoever was using the time machine opened the hole, so, like, you'd be right next to you."

So…in subsequent loops, there's all these same, very convenient holes everywhere that you could just walk through and jump from current place to wherever they connect if you knew the schedule.

"Not if they were in another loop," says Amie. "Right? The holes would still be there but the time traveller wouldn't. You could use them without needing a time machine even. You'd just need to know where and when to be."

Everyone, including Four, stops for a second and stares at her.

"What? Why are you all looking at me like that? It's just a thought!"

"That… is a really interesting thought," says Kendra.


Very well reasoned Zoinkity… :)