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"I'm Kendra, by the way. Kendra Valcourt."

"I know," says Four with a small smile. "You said."

She shakes Kendra's offered hand anyway.

"Right," says Kendra.

"I'm Bina," says Four. "Though I'm guessing you already know that."

This Bina feels different, and it's not just the gloves.

"Yeah," says Kendra, releasing Four's hand. "Yeah, I knew that, but I'm still glad to meet you. Again."

They stand for a while in silence.

"We're OK here, right?" asks Kendra. "We're not going to run into another copy of you? Amie mentioned you were doing a lot of short jumps."

"Yeah, we're fine," says Bina. "I don't come by here for another…" She pauses and flips a few pages back in her notebook. "Six hours. We're good."

The sound of the others voices drifts over from the area beside the tree. Occasionally, a car will pass, but none slow down or notice them.