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> See if the handcuffs are brittle enough to be snapped.

Look! We have to get out of here. Can you hold your end steady while I pull? I think we might be able to break them if we work together.

Bina nods and tries to move. She's almost surprised when she can. She's stiff, and cold, and all over bruises, but all her bits are still there and are working properly.

All her bits, except her tongue.

Oh THAT's why it was so uncomfortable. She was leaning on the pipe.

Are you the girl from earlier? I heard him talking to someone upstairs a while ago.

Bina nods.

So this… not being able to talk. This is new?

Bina nods again.

Oh… uh… that sucks.

Bina nods emphatically, several times.

OK. I'm going to pull now. Hold on!


She is going to sing. She will!