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>time to do the peepee dance and cross leg it

Why did she have to be chained to a wall WHILE HAVING TO PEE. That is incredibly unfair. She crosses her legs as best she can.

> Try to get her to explain why the two of you are like this.

Bina tries to ask what happened, why they're chained to the wall like this, but the words that come out of her are a train wreck, random words smashed together into an incomprehensible mess.

You… you can't talk properly can you? Oh god, you can't can you?

Bina tries to say 'non', but the word that comes out of her mouth is 'shed'.

So she very carefully, still squinting, shakes her head no.

Hurray. We have communicated successfully that successful communication is not possible. That's a victory.

If you tone your expectations down far enough.


God, why won't her brain work? Everything feels like it's happening through some kind of clinging fog. She should be feeling terrified. She's handcuffed to a wall in a strange place. That is genuinely scary.

But all she feels is a sort of aimless disconnected anxiety.

… OK, an aimless disconnected anxiety and a serious need to pee.