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"I meet this man I think, it is war. War is just many horrible things. It is how it is. It is not my responsibility."

Amie realizes at this point that he's not talking to her any-more, if he ever really was. He's talking to himself, or maybe to some version of himself who thought that way.

"Keep head down, keep dogs safe, clear mines."

She doesn't move, knows that if she makes any noise he'll stop talking.

"We move. New base. New fields. The fighting is very bad. Shelling. Many people on the road, run from guns, bombs. House gone, pile into truck, onto tractor, horse, whatever. Things are busy, no one is in control, there are… opportunities."

A long inhale.

"He does a thing."

"Unforgivable thing. Everyone knows. He does not hide this. I think - this time, it is too far, this time they will stop him."

There is a long pause.

"But they don't. He is still there next night. Night after that… he will do it again. I know this. Everyone knows this. Men like him, they don't stop."

Another pause, she can hear him move, adjust his weight against the door, breathe in.

"I am no one. Parents gone. Uncle here. I think, I can do this thing. So, in morning… I take him for a walk."